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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all jobs including insurance claims dealt by 4D Floors Ltd and those acting on their behalf.


  1. 4D Floors Ltd remains the right to decline and reject any work.

  2. Staff working for or on behalf of 4D Floors Ltd will not be subject to abuse or threatening behaviour, as such they have right to decline any work from which they have received abuse.

  3. Regarding insurance claims, any forms signed by the customer with a replacement choice selected  has 48 hours to amend the chosen flooring replacement free of charge, any changes exceeding this period will incur a fee. All changes must be finalised with a signed accompanied letter detailing the change of replacement and acknowledgement that there will be no repercussions that will affect 4D Floors Ltd in the future and that 4D Floors Ltd are at no liability once the flooring has been fitted. Any delays to the process for these reasons are no fault of 4D Floors Ltd.

  4. All calls are recorded and can/will be used for further use if needed. Any verbal confirmation will be used and deemed as authorisation and confirmation of the replacement flooring chosen.

  5. In the case of 4D Floors Ltd collecting the excess on an insurance policy, as instructed by insurers, this is always collected prior to ordering flooring. No flooring will be ordered until this payment has been collected. When collecting the excess an agent of 4D Floors Ltd will always discuss the chosen replacement and inform that when the excess is collected this is confirmation of the choice of replacement. 

  6. If there is no excess to be collected a call will be made to the policy holder to confirm the replacement prior to ordering. We take this as verbal confirmation of the discussed flooring to be replaced. 4D Floors Ltd will also deem emails to be a signature and confirmation.

  7. If for any reason the policy holder declines their chosen, agreed, acknowledged and confirmed replacement they will be liable for all cancellation, re-stocking, revisiting, reselection of replacement flooring fee's and all other additional costs.

  8. A disclaimer will be issued upon completion of the fitting of replacement flooring, through signing this the policy holder confirms that they are satisfied with the fitting/service that has taken place. 4D Floors Ltd will not be liable once this disclaimer is signed but will investigate all arising problems.

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