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4D Floors Usp`s
  • Experienced Staff

  • Webased Triage Tool

  • Claim Triage Management

  • Bespoke Claim Handling System

  • GDPR, DPA,TCF,FCA - Compliance

  • National Independent Inspection & Validation

  • Nationwide Inspection & Installation Network

  • Nationwide Cleaning & Restoration Network

  • Nationwide Additional Services Network

  • Inspectors Real Time Portal

  • Fraud Detection

  • Installation Centres Real Time Portal

  • Unique In-house Supply Chain

  • Direct Fulfilment Flooring 

  • Bespoke Solutions

  • Milestone Recording

  • Bespoke MI Suite

  • Customised SMS Progress Updates


Experienced and Dedicated

We are an innovative insurance validation and replacement specialist exclusively dedicated to the creation and fulfilment of improved services to both you and your policyholders.

With over 50 years of experience in the supplying and installations of all types of flooring for both domestic and commercial applications.

Our team have been responsible for delivering outstanding solutions for all types of goods in the supply chain to insurers and policyholders for over 30 years.


We provide services to the insurance industry including validation and replacement solutions to our clients and their policyholders.


Expertise in Carpets, Vinyl, LVT, Wood, Laminate and Furniture we offer a truly independent service with best possible choice, flexibility, customer service and cost savings.

Validation Services - Replacement and Repair

Validation is potentially the most important part of the claims process, where claims value & liability is established and expectations set. 4D takes the time to provide the knowledge and skill set required in dealing with all aspects of flooring claims through its people. we offer impartially, accuracy, transparency, professionalism and most of all integrity.


Professionals in Customer Care and Satisfaction

We deal with all clients with an open mind establishing facts as providing empathy and care for all types of flooring claims whilst preventing exaggeration and fraud, whether deliberate or not.

The selection and development of relationships with key suppliers is critical to the success of your business and the retention of your customers. Our sole objective is absolute customer satisfaction and the consequential enhancement of your present and future relationship with your policyholders.The culture of replacement product- speedily delivered and fitted at the property of the claimant,domestic or commercial, is the best solution.


Nationwide Inspection, Fulfilment and Additional Services Network

Our nationwide service from over 40 locations often includes home visits. We do not retail items and therefore have a total focus upon the insurance market Sector. 4D personnel are experienced and look forward to providing a quality service, without fuss or complaint but with a recommendation, a name to trust.

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